Dungeon SurvivorⅢ:Dark Genesis Wiki

Crescent Shire[]

Q: How to complete the [Never Apart] Quest of the [Crescent Shire]?

A: Clear Black Water Cross and buy a Silver Ring at Otto's. After clearing the Nameless Cemetery, return to Arcane Realm of Necromancer, talk to the friends and return the ring to the NPC at the Nameless Cemetery. Enter the combat and kill Claire, then put the body back in the River Farm and bury it. The Quest is then completed. You can obtain the Ring of Oath.

Q: Where is [Wulfgar's Hideaway]?

A: The Assembly spot is above. Refer to the picture below for its location.

Wulfagar's Hideaway

To interact at the light dot beside the red letters of the picture, you need to go to the Black Water Cross and buy Fairy's Feather from Otto first.

Holy City Monastery[]

Q: How to place the stone tools of [Holy City Monastery]?

A: Stone Hammer—Craftsmen, Stone Longsword—Warrior, Stone Lantern—Crone, Stone Scales—Arbiter.


Q: How to get to [Graymead] from picture four?

A: After clearing picture 3, find Otto at [Black Water Cross] and get there by caravan.

Furnace City[]

Q: How to awaken the Drunk Dwarf Eric?

A: Go home and talk to your friends, then make a cup of juice and feed it to him. Obtain the item [Chiliad Ice] after clearing [Ancestor's Tomb] to chill Eric awake.

Q: How to complete the [Strange Wall] of the Roamers' Home at [Furnace City]?

A: Knocking order is: Knock->Knock->Stop->Stop->Knock.

Q: How to enter the House of Masters of [Peer Guilds]?

A: You meet a dwarf at the [Underground Workshop]of Arcane Realm 2 asking you if you want to save the people or return for reinforcement first. Choose to save the people first and he will give you the key to the House of Masters.

Brutebull Valley[]

Q: How to obtain the [Dust of the Dark Moon]?

A: Above the habitat. Refer to the picture below for its location.

Above the habitat

Lady Renella is on the spot marked red on the picture. Give her [Cursed Coins] r to obtain the powder.

Q: Where is the [Covert Depot] of Brutebull Valley?

A: Find the gloomy man at the [Town Hall]. Give him 10 bags of flour to unlock the covert depot on the [Market Street].

Rejuenated Silver Moon Valley[]

Q: How to obtain [Flame Potions]?

A: Buy Illusion Oil at the Flea Nest, obtain Molten Fruit at the Wine Town in picture four, clear a Bastion of the Silver Moon Valley to obtain the Ever Red, and then go home and ask Jalbert to make potions.


Q: How to get to [Ethereal]?

A: Sail on a boat from the [Free Haven] of Brutebull Valley to get there.

Q: How to enter [Kapara Tree Hollow] and complete the Quest?

A: Clear Arcane Realm 3 and bring out the Cursed Coins. You can bring out up to 3 coins each time.

Q: How to obtain [Diving Bells]?

A: Go through [Beast's Fall] to obtain them under the Toxheart Swamp. Team strength should be above 35K. Just deploy a few powerful Revived without combat.

Land of Eternal Scorch[]

Q: Where is the Dull Knight of Land of Eternal Scorch? How to save him?

A: The knight is at the [Chapel of Baptism]. First you need to eliminate the Quartermaster at [Fall of the Army] to get the key to the secret door, then go to the Chapel and open the door to obtain an armor which grants you 1 War Cry point at the beginning of every combat. It is very useful indeed.

Important: Do not let Jack take off the armor!!!! He will immediately die if he does!!! Choose the third option to help you come up with an idea. (Whatever the option you choose, you can still get the armor. It's just too ruthless)


Q: How to complete the [Abandoned Child] Quest of Archeum?

A: Find Kayla the Little Girl at the Mint, then enter Academy of Hollow Spirit Mountain at [The Ruins Under Hollow Spirit Mountain]. Go up the Spiral Staircase, defeat the Golem of the [Sealed Capsule] to obtain the Energy Core, then find Kayla the Little Girl, defeat her and you have completed the Quest. Kayla said i want to have some bread l've never eaten any bread before...

Q: How to get the [Confinement Room Key Copy] of Archeum City?

A: Get [Cheap Liquor] at Warehouse Bastion of the Empire, then go to Muddy Street and give the liquor to the npc.

Rune Arcane Realm[]

Q: How to obtain Runes?

A: After clearing Arcane Realm 5, unlock [Rune Arcane Realm] and use [Alien Worm] to enter it. After obtaining Faith, you can use 200 Zealous Faith to draw randomly, or use 800 Faith or 820 Orijades to make specific purchases.

Q: What is the use of the obtained [Unidentified Bone] Ethereal ?

A: Craft [Repeating Bone Crossbow] at the camp Blacksmith's together with the Damaged Giant Crossbow obtained at the [Caroline Ruins].

Supreme Palace Quest[]

Q: How to complete the Supreme Palace Quest [Defeat the enemy hidden at the lake center]?

A: Get the [fishing rod tied with a magic crystal] at Lakeside Promenade Bastion, then talk to the npc at the [Lakeheart Promenade] many times before using the rod to fish out the boss and defeat it.

Burial Path[]

Q: How to get to [Secret Cave] on the Burial Path?

A: One npc will need rescue after you go through the [World Tree Hole], defeat the Spider Queen to get its gland, return and save the npc, and he will help you unlock the cave. The exact location is at the [Escapee's Secret Passage].

Q: Where are the three Honey Bombs on the Burial Path?

A: First, Honey Bombs are used to destroy Spider Eggs to undermine the Spider Queen. Two of the Bombs are on the second floor of the New World and of the Brotherhood Bastion (many just take enemies' bombs but ignore allies' bombs), another one is at the bottom of the Lift (must first clear spores on the two floors above to get there). The rough location is marked in the picture below.

Honey Bombs

Root of the World Tree's[]

Q: How to get to the [Bottom Lake] at the World Tree's Root?

A: Tap on the white dots in the picture to get there. The precondition is to have [Fairy's Feather] (bought at Otto's in picture two) and [Wind Spirit's Blessing] (obtained after defeating Lady Renella at the Town Hall of Brutebull Valley). Refer to the picture below for its location.

Bottom Lake

Arcane Realm of the Souldrawing Lord[]

Q: How to open the [Candleshade Realm] in the Arcane Realm of the Souldrawing Lord? How to obtain the [Winner's Ring]? (The two questions belong to the same one Quest clue, hence a single answer for both of them)

A: First, you need to complete the wishes of three souls on the map before you can open the Candleshade Realm. Since I have forgotten the names of the three souls, I will introduce all three Quests here for you to try out. Sorry.

For the first one, clear the Bastions at the bottom left to get two clue pieces, then come to the spot as shown in the picture and tap to get the [Winner's Ring]; For the second, follow his hints to [Stone Forest Trail] of the Dripstone Cave and take relevant action. You need to make actions three times in total; For the third, clear [Void Realm] beside the Whirlpool Mystery near him.

Winner's ring

Deadrock Island[]

Q: Questions about sailing from the Deadrock Island.

A: First, you can do stone skipping at a heap of stones by the Quay. Challenge time is increased by 40 seconds after winning in the combat against the npc. For the Boat Blueprint, come to Crescent Shire of the current timeline, find the North Wind and copy it to get the Blueprint.

Q: How to choose where the Crescent Shire Bastion npc should go 20 years later?

A: I will only provide my personal experience for your reference. From the npc's literal description, if you want a peaceful life, go to Deadrock Island; if you want to combat, then come to Graymead. After choosing the right option, find the npc and get the rewards on Deadrock Island the second day.

Q: How to pass the [Collapsed Mine] of Crescent Shire of 20 years later?

A: Go to the Land of Eternal Scorch of 20 years later first, obtain [Thermal Insulation Material] from Chests of the North and East Pothole. give them to the npc and defeat the Angel of Judgment. Then you can pass it and go to Graymead of 20 years later.